Safety and Service Quality

Safety is a fundamental component of our culture, and customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success.

At every level of our organization, we lead with a commitment to safety and service quality. It is embedded in our culture and everything we do.

We continued to deliver exceptional services to our customer in 2018. Our overall service quality performance improved once again this year, and we achieved 22% year-over-year reduction in NPT per 1,000 operating hours.

The statistics say it all. Considerable milestones marked 2018, as we increased our operating hours while significantly reducing NPT.

Our commitment to consistently enhancing the safety of our operations is evident in our safety performance trend. Since 2016, we have achieved a 35% decrease in NPT with a 21% increase in operating hours, and 2018 operating levels exceeded those that were performed in the last three years (from 2015-2017). TRIR has also reduced by 31% since 2015. From these numbers, it is evident that we are working harder, safer, and more efficiently than before.  

Awards and recognition

In 2018, we achieved significant milestones and recognition from customers across the globe for our dedication to safety and service quality.


Shell Argentina Meta Cero Award: 18 Months Without HSE Incidents or Spills

The Argentine Oil and Gas Institute (IAPG) Comahue Geoling Award


Best Environmental, Quality, and Safety Initiative with Pemex Supplier Award from Suppliers Evaluation and Responsibility Program

US - Rockies, Pacific, and Alaska Region

5 Years Without LTA or Accident with Chevron for Our COROD® Product Line


Exxon Neftegas Limited (ENL) Sakhalin-1 Contractor SSHE Champion


Best HSE Performance: Best Unit of the Quarter for Q3 2018, Cairn India Limited