Positive Impact

At Weatherford, we’re connecting our corporate culture to our transformational journey. Under the leadership of our President and CEO Mark A. McCollum, we have implemented a set of core values vital to all aspects of our organization. Our core values are both inspirational and aspirational; serving as a framework to guide us forward, as well as providing a vision for a better future.

In the past year, we placed a strong emphasis on foundational change and company camaraderie in order to best carry out our mission: to deliver innovative technologies and services that meet the world’s current and future energy needs in a safe, ethical, and sustainable manner.

We are focused on culture-shaping at all levels of the organization and are pleased to have taken a significant portion of our workforce through what we call "unfreezing sessions." During these sessions, employees are encouraged to reexamine their mindset in order to be more productive and give undivided attention to the task at hand. With this foundation, Weatherford employees build off these concepts and bring the impacts back to their teams. This, coupled with our Be the Change campaign, encourages employees to be empowered, supportive, driven, open, inspired, and engaged in transforming our culture.

By establishing a common set of goals and objectives, together with fostering a collaborative, inclusive, and effective workplace, we have the focus to unlock our potential.

Ethics and integrity

An unwavering commitment to act respectfully and responsibly in all work

Discipline and accountability

A commitment to work toward goals and deliver on them

Flawless execution

A relentless pursuit to deliver maximum value and achieve high safety and service quality

Collaboration and partnership

A dedication to building strong, transparent relationships with customers, partners, and colleagues to further the shared mission

Innovation and technology leadership

Inspiration and drive to create value-added technologies

Commitment to sustainability

A focus on the diversity of our enterprise and an awareness of the impact of our actions