Optimized Solutions

Our integrated services and projects (ISP) go beyond technologies, systems, and solutions to execute entire programs. In this growing part of our business, we provide project management, engineering design, and technical optimization during drilling, production, or workover activities to release the maximum potential of customer assets.

In more than a decade, we have delivered thousands of wells, drilled millions of feet, and generated billions in revenue with these projects. In 2018, we continued to produce effective results, with the benefits of solid execution, the right technologies, and full accountability.

Solid execution

Over the past 10 plus years, we have delivered proven results in single and multi-well projects, onshore and offshore applications, conventional and unconventional environments, as well as new drilling and mature fields. In addition, we have managed regulatory compliance, operational logistics, local infrastructure, and social responsibility.

Right Technologies

We use our industry-leading technologies to deliver cost-efficient performance for the best possible outcomes. We also involve first-class partners whenever necessary to maximize results and simplify customer supply chains. Along with these technologies, we apply proven project-management expertise to deliver the established objectives.

Full Accountability

From tendering to execution, we assign a dedicated team for a process that smoothly progresses from one stage to the next. This approach also enhances transparency and accountability so that we deliver on time, on budget, or better for reduced costs per well and increased production per dollar spent.

Offshore Mexico

Our ISP team executed a shallow-water drilling project at a record pace that set the standard for future operations in the area.

By applying best practices and new technologies to push technical limits, the team brought the wells online more than 137 days earlier than the customer’s original plan. This quick and optimized delivery reduced our customer’s total cost of ownership by more than $20 million and enabled early production to accelerate revenue generation.

Onshore Mexico

Collaborating closely with the customer, our ISP team developed a completions program that complied with new, rigorous government regulations for a largely uncharted shale area.

The team tailored the final well design to maximize recovery and coordinated all parties and logistics for a high-volume multistage fracturing treatment. In the end, the team completed the well more than 35% faster than the customer’s plan, and production exceeded expectations by more than 50%.