2018 Technology Awards

Otc Asia 2018 spotlight on new technology awards

Heatwave extreme℠

HeatWave Extreme – 2018 Spotlight on New Technology Award

At the 2018 Offshore Technology Conference in Asia, we received two Spotlight on New Technology Awards. The first award honors our HeatWave Extreme service, which features an enhanced logging-while-drilling tool string capable of acquiring comprehensive formation evaluation data in temperatures up to 392°F (200°C).

WFXØ™ System

WFXØ System – 2018 Spotlight on New Technology Award

The WFXØ openhole gravel-pack system, which enables gravel-pack completion of multiple openhole zones in a single trip, was also recognized with a Spotlight on New Technology Award. The WFXØ system is the industry’s first fully integrated gravel-pack system to achieve an API/ISO V0 rating, which validates that it has been tested to the industry’s highest standards for zero gas leakage.